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You’ve heard of your carbon footprint, but what about your digital footprint? Your digital footprint refers to your total amount of activity in any digital environment. If you thought your carbon footprint was big, well, your digital footprint is even bigger. By next year (2014), humans will generate 5 billion gigabytes of data every 10 minutes. By any standards, that’s a whole lotta data. I’m imagining a pretty immense cloud here.

This handy infographic explains the different characteristics of the digital footprints left by boomers, millennials and Generation X. Each generation interacts with the digital world in a different way: for millenials, its the internet, but for boomers, its video. Keep reading to learn more.

Did You Know?

We currently create 5 billion gigabytes worth of data every two days. By 2014 we will create that every 10 minutes.

Unsurprisingly, millenials spend more time online and more millenials have more types of devices than boomers and Gen X.

Gen X takes the cake, though: they spend the most amount of time online and consume the most online videos, and leave the largest digital footprint of all three groups.

via The Digital Footprint Of 3 Different Generations – Edudemic – Edudemic.


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