Going BYOD With Markville SS: Taking Stock: Are we Ready?

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Stephen Covey talks about the importance of having a vision about what lies ahead, about what is coming. A clear vision is critical to understanding change and growth. As we move ahead we need to pause once in a while to look at those burrs that might threaten the health of our system.A number of nagging questions keep lingering in the back of my head as we vault ourselves forward in the digital world. A lot of my critical questions centre around one question: what we are giving up?Early on we are focusing a lot of our energy into promoting Google Apps. GAPPs is such a powerful tool for teachers and students and allows so many possibilities for collaboration, learning, and for a few of us it seems to be that last piece of the “paperless” puzzle. The applications with GAPPs are also very intuitive, easy to use and hopefully easy to apply in and out of the classroom. Its a great starting point to increase staff comfort with our impending new devices.Yet, today I heard my first complaint about GAPPs from a student. “I have a doc for everything now, its just a giant mess. All my teachers seem to want to use it now, definitely lost its lustre”. I was also starting to hit that early adopters wall where I felt like Big Brother overseeing a mountain of group and individual docs along with the hundreds of other docs that I manage in my department, my life and my work. Coupled with GAPPs overload I have consciously been observing the changes in students and myself when they get that brand new shiny laptop or tablet. Along with that constantly buzzing smartphone, that shiny device quickly becomes the centre of the universe. They carve out new mass chunks of time in their lives almost immediately and with little questioning or consideration of what they are giving up. I asked a student how much time she spends on her two week old laptop and her response was: “outside of school? About 6 hours. I used to come home and watch some TV with my brother and then my Mom would usually tell me to do some homework at the kitchen table or I would not be able to watch a movie later on our tv. Now I have 4 tabs open on my browser for social media, two tabs for emails, one tab for an online tv show, music humming, and in the background is my school work. Whenever anyone asks I usually tell them I am doing homework. Out of that 6 hours, less than 3 are homework”.

via Going BYOD With Markville SS: Taking Stock: Are we Ready?.

via Going BYOD With Markville SS: Taking Stock: Are we Ready?.


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