50 Educator Twitter Accounts Worth Following

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Education is a constantly evolving organism, with individual humans and institutions making up the cells and organs that keep it running. Some are bad, some are neutral, and some ensure its very survival in ways minor and major. And social media outlets such as Twitter enable them all to keep this crucial discussion about a basic human right constantly flowing. Whether you agree with what the following leaders and leading resources included, they still exert influence over the education industry. Give them a follow and use them to discover even more names and faces currently shaping schools across the world.

Administrators and Researchers

John Robinson:Principal John Robinson loves discussing both policies impacting public schools and education technology from an administrative perspective.

Eric Sheninger:He didn’t win the NASSP Digital Principal Award this year because of his tech-fearing tendencies, that’s for sure! This administrator is all about fostering communication and harnessing social media to improve schools.

Lyn Hilt:The most popular school administrators on Twitter, like proud “connected learner” Lyn Hilt, enjoy taking advantage of today’s technologies to encourage education on a more global level than ever before.

Robert J. Marzano:At the Marzano Research Laboratory in Colorado, this education expert and consultant and his team find practical applications for available studies. Updates from the think tank itself are posted here.

Tom D’Amico:Tom D’Amico oversees the Ottawa Catholic School Board as superintendent and, like most plugged-in admins, he seriously digs education technology.

Darcy Moore:This admin does it all, education-wise, and pulls from his experience as the New South Wales Department of Education and Communities’ deputy principal to discuss both education politics and (duh) the growing importance of edtech initiatives and applications.

George Couros:Education technology and administrative duties collide in this microblog kept by a very popular, influential Ottawa-based Division Principal of Innovative Teaching and Learning.

mikeherrity:SharePoint in Education author and Deputy Headteacher Mike Herrity is all about e-learning, as evidenced by the whole “he created an entire platform for it” thing.

Harvard Education:Learn what the graduate students at this Ivy League cornerstone are currently researching, because at least some of it might very well dictate future policies and initiatives.

NAESP:Follow the National Association of Elementary School Principals for up-to-date information about what today’s administrators think about and want to see happen.


Kevin Corbett:This developer and educator focuses on the learning potential of games and social media, sharing expert advice and articles he believes will push the boundaries of tech in the classroom.

Steven W. Anderson:One of Edublogs’ Twitterers of the Year recipients co-created #edchat and predominantly writes, talks, and researches effective strategies for web 2.0 phenomena and ephemera as educational tools.

Shelly S Terrell:Another creator behind #edchat travels around the world teaching social media and blogging to educators hoping to connect with other classrooms and professionals alike. She also authored The 30 Goals Challenge outlining a recommended method of growing familiar with online networking.

Vicki Davis:Flat Classroom Project co-founder Vicki Davis (alias “The Cool Cat Teacher”) enthusiastically embraces all things education technology and student-centric.

Howard Rheingold:When it comes to online education, Howard Rheingold’s pioneering spirit began exploring its potential long before many households enjoyed an internet connection; it’s safe to assume he knows quite a lot about edtech.

Ryan Tracey:(Almost) all e-learning, (almost) all the time. Read enthusiastic blog posts and carefully curated articles centering around trends and topics in online education.

Alec Couros:University of Regina’s Alec Couros merges new media and education together for exciting research on how emerging technologies better engage students of all ages and abilities.

Audrey Watters:A “recovering academic” and writer muses on education technology, linking her audience with her own personal commentary and the latest news on the subject.

Andrew Miller:Game-based learning and edtech fascinate this blogger, educator, and consultant, who boasts quite the following for his expertise.

Diana Dell, Ph.D:The owner and operator of Gamequarium also makes a name for herself consulting schools and individual teachers wanting to know more about the best ways to harness available edtech.

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